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Effective Police Media Relations is essential in any organization’s quest for good will and public confidence.  This exclusive Media Relations Training Class was developed by the television reporters who have covered America’s top news makers.  They have  also covered the world’s major news events from the fall of the Soviet Union to the 911 attacks on America.

Course creator and instructor Russell Ruffin pictured at the White House. Penny Carter pictured in Ferguson, Missouri during riots

Crisis News Management
In  a  World of Digital Journalism
When you are involved in a crisis news event, it is imperative that you communicate effectively and honestly with the community.    Get out in front of the story as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the less control you will have over how the story is reported.   

Washington DC Protest Turns Violent in clash with police outside US Capitol
Washington DC demonstration turns violent

Most of the world’s major  crisis  news  events occurred because a  business, organization or government agency  failed to provide an accurate narrative of an event soon enough.    In today’s world of “Digital Journalism,”  effective Media Relations is mandatory.

George Floyd held to ground by police
Blurry  cell phone video fuels  the  “defund police” movement

In May of 2020 a citizen used a cell phone to capture footage of the controversial apprehension of George Floyd prior to his death.  The video went viral on the Internet and was quickly picked up by the mainstream media.     In the days that followed a “defund police” movement developed with protests in more than 500 cities across America.

Russell Ruffin was on the scene in Ferguson during breaking news crisis
Protests on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri following officer-involved shooting

In Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014, a false narrative of a highly publicized shooting incident was established early on by protesters utilizing social media.    “Hands up, don’t shoot” became an international hashtag and the narrative of the story.    When the story was eventually debunked by the Washington Post, the story went virtually unreported by the national media.

Exclusive LIVE On Camera  Training
Places YOU in the Center of Breaking News
Students go On-Camera for real work Breaking News exercises

During our exclusive training the class is placed in the center of real world breaking news events.    Everyone views the same simulated breaking news  story.  You have the option to volunteer to stand in front of  our LIVE TV news camera and hold a press briefing .  Fellow classmates act as reporters asking tough questions.    At the conclusion, you are provided a helpful and friendly critique of your performance.    The class discovers  how to  take control of a news conference  or interview, projecting authority and honesty to the media and  the public.

Create Effective Talking Points

Discover how to use what you learn from our Media Relation training class to establish your own “Talking Points.”    This will help you keep your message on track.   You want to be helpful to reporters’ and answer their questions, but you don’t want those questions to derail your message.     You will come away from this media training class with  the skills to stay on point with the media and communicate your message more effectively.

Generating “Earned Media”

New York City officer buys a homeless man a pair of boots
NYPD Officer helps a freezing homeless and barefoot man

Our instructors reveal how you can create positive news coverage for your organization.    See how  an officer’s random act of kindness once helped create a positive image for the New York City Police Department.   The officer was walking his beat, when he  stopped to help a homeless, barefoot man shivering in the the freezing temperature.  The story went viral,  appearing on every major television network. The event became a Media Relations bonanza.  The coverage generated an estimated $100 million in “Earned Media” for the NYPD and won a promotion for the officer.    Discover how such good will is like money in the bank of public opinion.

Penny Carter Instructing HIDTA Class
Media Relations Class, Federal HIDTA Training Center, Dallas -Fort Forth

Experience our exclusive Media Relations Training in person at any of 40 cities across the country  or join us from the comfort of your own home or office via the Internet with  online webinars and virtual classrooms.

Topics Covered During  Every Training Class:
Talking Points Made Easy
Establishing the Accurate Narrative of an Event
Creating Powerful Sound Bites
Holding an Effective Press Conference/Interview
Keeping Your Media Message On Track
Press Release Writing and Distributions
Turning Negative Press into Positive Press
Alternatives to “No Comment”
Managing Tricky Questioning
Projecting the Proper Body Language
How to GO LIVE On-Camera via Social Media
Lessons Learned from Real World Events

Live Demonstrations:
Using  a Cell Phone to Shoot and Distribute Your Own Sound Bites
Utilizing Facebook LIVE and other Social Media Platforms
Handling Ambush Interviews and Investigative Reporters

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