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Created and Taught by Experienced Reporters and Producers

This exclusive 2-day Law Enforcement News Media Relations Training Class was developed by Emmy Award winning reporters who have covered the world’s major news events from the fall of the Soviet Union to the 911 attacks on America, from school shootings to natural disasters.  The Virtual Online Class is patterned after our traditional on-location training. 

Since 2004, our Media Training Classes have been conducted in-person on location in 40 cities a year across America.

Media Instructors Russell Ruffin and Penny Carter, on location for Breaking news in Ferguson, MO, Dallas, TX, San Bernardino
Training instructors covering breaking news in San Bernardino, Dallas and Ferguson, MO

Our instructors routinely go to the scene of many of the nation’s major breaking news events in order to bring you the most up-to-date training in the world, with REAL WORLD scenarios.    Our training is based on actual news events from the Ferguson, Missouri riots to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino to the Las Vegas sniper attack   and  the  COVID-19  crisis.

LIVE On-Camera Training
From Emmy Award Winning Broadcasters

Students go On-Camera for real work Breaking News exercisesYou Are Placed in the Center of the News Spotlight before a LIVE TV News Camera and then peppered with tough reporter questions about a simulated breaking news event, right of today’s headlines. You will discover how to take control of a news conference or interview and reassure the public by showing YOU are in charge.

Create Talking Points

You’ll discover how to use your Media Relation skills to establish Talking Points that will help you stay on point in order to communicate your message more effectively.

Generate Earned Media

New York City officer buys a homeless man a pair of boots
NYPD officer helps a freezing barefoot homeless man

How a random act of kindness from a New York City Police Officer paid off in Positive News Coverage for his agency.  The officer walking his beat at Times Square stopped to help a homeless, shoeless man.  The story went viral, appearing on every major television network.  The event became a Media Relations bonanza.  The coverage generated $100 million in EARNED Media for the NYPD and won a promotion for the officer.  Discover how such Goodwill is like money in the bank of public opinion.

Media Relations Training – Online or On-Location

Penny Carter Instructing HIDTA Class
Media Relations Class conducted at Federal HIDTA Center – Dallas – Ft. Worth

You can experience our exclusive Media Relations Training in person at any of 40 cities across the country or join us from the comfort of your own home or office via the Internet.

Crisis Management
Handling a Crisis News Event
Russell Ruffin was on the scene in both Ferguson and Baltimore during breaking news crisis
Russell Ruffin interviews protestors during crisis in Ferguson, Missouri

When you are involved in a crisis incident, its imperative that you get out in front of the story as soon as possible.  The longer you wait the less control you will have on how the story is reported.   Today, effective News Media Relations is something you must practice not only with the established main stream media but with social media as well.    In Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014, the narrative of a highly publicized shooting incident was established early on by protesters utilizing social media.

Some of our Media Relations Training Topics Covered
Talking Points Made Easy
Establishing the Narrative of the Story
Creating Powerful Sound Bites
Holding an Effective News Conference/Interview
Keeping Your Media Message On Track
Alternatives to “No Comment”
News Release Writing and Distributions
Turning Negative Press into Positive Press
Managing Tricky Questioning
Projecting the Proper Body Language
How to GO LIVE On-Camera via Social Media
Lessons Learned from Real World Events

Live Demonstrations:
Using Your Smartphone to Shoot and Distribute Your own Sound Bites
Utilizing Facebook LIVE and other Social Media
Handling News Conference Interruptions, Ambush Interviews and Investigative Reporters
The Key to success in any News Media Relations effort is attract the attention of the News Media as seen herePush Your Narrative Out to Mainstream and Social Media Quickly!
If you wait too long, someone else will dictate their own narrative

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