Swatting, The Fake 911 Call Game

As if they didn’t have enough to do about already, Police are now faced with Swatting.  This latest trend, Swatting, is the placing of fake 911 calls by individuals (so far, mostly juveniles) who often go to the scene and watch SWAT teams deploy.   Police in Escondido, California had a unique and creative way of responding while utilizing the resources of a local high school.

Perception vs Reality

As a Public Information Officer, Media Specialist, Public Servant, CEO, Supervisor or Sales Person, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you are right or wrong about a particular incident or issue; it’s all about the public’s perception.  I have found that it isn’t enough just to do a good job, heck you probably do that all the time; it’s a matter of letting everyone KNOW you are doing a good job.   Even back during the Hurricane Katrina response, I remember how the U.S. Coast Guard did a good job of that

Managing a More Powerful News Conference

In times of crisis it’s important to show the community that you are in control, well-trained and competent to handle any incident.  Unfortunately, we lost yet another student to a senseless act of school violence just a mile from my home here in Colorado in December of 2013.   I wanted to share with you some excerpts of Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson’s LIVE news conference following the shooting.  Sheriff Robinson did an excellent job of conveying information.  I have superimposed on the screen, some of the action words and phrases the sheriff used to help calm the community, while at the same time reassuring the public that his agency was up to the tasks it faced that day.

We are on-location in Ferguson, Missouri for Officer-Involved Shooting & Unrest

To keep our training up-to-date, my training partner, Penny Carter and I have been in Ferguson, Missouri several times during and after some of the protests.  We are seeking your assistance in offering training that will help Law Enforcement all over the country deal with such situations, but more important, to avoid them altogether.  We hope to hear from you.  Please leave us your comments.