Don’t Become Distracted while Delivering Your Media Message

Stay On Track

While it’s your goal to keep your message on track ,   its the reporter’s  job to as k tough and relevant questions.     Don’t become combative with reporters when they stray off course.   It ‘s    your job you make your message relevant and interesting.


Distribute Your Own Sound Bites and Video Clips to Media Outlets

Having Trouble Standing Out Among the Crowd in Mainstream Media or Social Media?

If you are not receiving the News Coverage you feel you deserve, shoot your own sound bites and video and then distribute it yourself to your news outlets.

It’s not as complicated as it may seem. If you have a Smartphone you have the solution: Shoot a video of yourself or someone else in your organization explaining your message. Use effective Sound Bites of between 9 and 13 seconds in length. Record at least 3 separate soundbites so that the media outlets feel they have the choice of deciding which one they will use. Also shoot cover video because its all about pictures and video. Use your smartphone to shoot video that a television station would find helpful in visualizing your story.

Post your videos on both your Facebook Page and your YouTube Channel. Just the fact that YOU are posting your own news on your own platforms for anyone and everyone to see will encourage mainstream media outlets to run it themselves so they won’t appear to be out-of-the-loop when it comes to covering the community.

Remember that thousands of Social Media programmers are constantly looking for content to share with their own followers; contact those programmers to let them know they are welcome to re-post your content. This will have a multiplier affect on the number of people you reach.

When it comes to news coverage, news outlets will run whatever Concerns, Interests or Affects our audiences. If you have a story, event or cause that you feel is important to your community, there’s a good change your local mainstream media outlets will broadcast or print it. Reporters, Producers and Editors for Mainstream News outlets routinely follow agencies, organizations and people they consider “news makers.” You want to make sure that they get used to following YOU!

If you’d like to know more about shooting and editing your own sound bites and video, follow us for that as well.