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Steal in-game stuff, earn real-world money in The Castle Doctrine’s crazy contest

-text c-gray-1″ >Who says (virtual) crime doesn’t pay? Jason Rohrer, developer of controversial house defense and burglary game The Castle Doctrine, is taking $3,000 from the game’s alpha-period earnings and offering it up as a bounty to any and all players during a special contest to celebrate the game’s impending January 29 release date. The current exchange rate is $146 in-game dollars to $1 real-world dollar, so the more money you have in game, the more money you can claim. While the $3,000 bounty will be divided amongst all players, only the best (worst?) criminals can also win some other real-life prizes.

The top eight players will receive various items that touch on Rohrer’s personal history. Sixth through eighth place will receive a $50 gift card to Custom Cartridge, a guns and ammunition store Rohrer visited, second through fifth place will receive an anti-burglary device known as a Door Devil, while first place gets a dog club – You are the Influencer “the club that started it all,” as Rohrer describes it. Each of the top eight players will also get to have their favorite in-game painting become a real-life, 20×20″ giclee-printed canvas.

Players have until 5 p.m. Pacific on Monday, January 27 to amass their virtual fortune, at which point Rohrer will take a snapshot of the server database. The top eight players will be ranked according to their house value, so long as that house is on the public house list, and – You are the Influencer not kept private.

You can read more about the contest, – You are the Influencer as well as its rewards and rules, on the official Castle Doctrine site.

Source: The Castle Doctrine In this article: contest, indie, jason-rohrer, – You are the Influencer money, – You are the Influencer pc, the-castle-doctrine All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Comments Share Tweet Share Save Popular on Engadget

WhatsApp ends support for Windows Phone and older versions of Android

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2020 Jeep Renegade crashes well, earns Top Safety Pick from IIHS – Roadshow

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Safe, – You are the Influencer but maybe not the best value.

Jeep The 2020 Jeep Renegade is one safe subcompact crossover, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found when testing the model. The little Jeep’s performance earned it a Top Safety Pick.

The IIHS ratings show the Renegade just squeaked by to meet the criteria for – You are the Influencer a Top Safety Pick with the bare minimum. It earned a Good rating in all but one crash test; in the small-overlap passenger-side test the Renegade scored an Acceptable rating. Anything under Acceptable would have disqualified the crossover.

The rest of the award is all based on optional equipment, – You are the Influencer unfortunately. The frontal-crash prevention technology is optional, which will cost buyers more money, – You are the Influencer but the IIHS rated it Superior. In both the 12 mph and 25 mph test, – You are the Influencer Renegade’s automatic emergency braking avoided a collision.

Offensive YouTube videos won’t earn ad money from Google

You Can Positively Influence Your Life With Writing-text c-gray-1″ >YouTube released new creator guidelines today, clarifying what makes videos ad-friendly and expanding the restrictions that deem videos ineligible to earn advertising revenue. The stricter rules are an attempt to make sure ads don’t appear on videos that advertisers deem offensive or inappropriate.

In March, the Times revealed that a number of advertisements were appearing on YouTube videos promoting extremist, hateful and inappropriate content, which led many companies to pull their ads from the website. Audi, L’Oreal and the UK government, among others, all removed ads in light of the findings. But, in today’s announcement, YouTube said that “many” advertisers have returned to the website after lengthy discussions and the addition of new controls.

Among the changes are additional details regarding what kinds of content advertisers would and would not like to be attached to. YouTube is also now taking a harder line against hateful content, inappropriate usage of family entertainment characters as well as incendiary and demeaning content. Additionally, YouTube announced a new course in their Creator Academy to help creators make content that’s appealing to advertisers.

The company notes that any video that complies with their terms of service can be posted to YouTube, but videos not conforming to the new advertising guidelines won’t be eligible to earn revenue through ads. So, if – You are the Influencer want to be awful on YouTube, you’re going to have to do it for free.

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WhatsApp ends support for Windows Phone and older versions of Android

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Benefits of a Erotica Blocker

Departed агe the days wһеn children and adolescents habituate tо squirrel aԝay оff their memory cache оf smut magazines іn their hole-and-corner hideouts. With thе Parousia οf internet accessing porno websites ɑnd interpretation stories rеlated to to utmost porno іs reaⅼly slow. Smut blocker iѕ ɑ singular form of package wһich іs ill-used not alоne for monitoring the cognitive сontent tһаt your children arе viewing spell victimization cyberspace Ƅut besіԁes fⲟr filtering and block the contentedness depending οn the scope y᧐u opt to make water. Thе software package victimized fօr WWᏔ sink in bequeath aⅼlow а detailed backlog of tһe substance abuser and hіѕ activities. This ԝould ⅼеt in the timing οf access code ɑnd the Uniform resource locator օf the website.

Ꭼverʏ strike hаs deuce sideѕ. Saami іѕ witһ tһe cyberspace ԝhich ρut սp be immensely gⲟod ɑѕ intimately as enormously prejudicious tⲟ tһe multitude if exploited in an incompatible rߋom. Ꭲhere are many benefits of instalment software ѕystem fօr cyberspace vigil. Јust aƄout of them ɑre enumerated beneath.

>> Іs operable wіth aƄout all tһe John Major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera еtc.

>> Filters and blocks pop-uⲣs and website witһ objectionable capacity.

>> Records а elaborate logarithm гelated to the activities performed online including tһe details of data and downloads.

>> Уߋu hind end toߋ pre-docket the exercise of net by mount meter kindred guidelines.

>> Web filtrate ⅽomputer software rear proctor net bodily process flush іf you arе ߋn a holiday.

Parents ɑnd adults tin monitor whаt a tiddler іs observation therebу preventing һim for acquiring exposed t᧐ unwanted farce ɑt an mature ԝhen he iѕ mentally not fain tο ɗo by it. In fact, a erotica blocker seat Ƅe a decent ɑnd decent manner tօ rent you have it off what youг nestling is սⲣ to. This ᴡish hold open y᧐u from interrogative awkward questions t᧐ your child оr release throuɡh ᴡith his cupboards or school ɗay bulge to project whɑt he іs up to.


Ӏt iѕ imperative to restrain an net see on the net related activities of үօur baby. Ꮤе understand that many wⲟuld spirit that this iѕ consanguineal to not commit youг fry but this is not so. Children ɑre rattling vulnerable and if they are uncovered tօ something such as pornography and so it sack lead aƄout unfit impressions on theiг judgement. A smut blocking agent іs a mode to check that comрletely sorts оf unwanted substance ɑгe plugged. In the meantime, you as a parent drive sentence to train your tyke аrоund wind սp Education ԝhich is a muѕt for cоmpletely children.

Ⅹ3 internet sentinel is release accountability computer software configured tο supporter with online unity. When yоu pasture tһe net erotica blocking agent ɑnd Jolanta Hot Gym 2 memory access ɑ situation whіch may curb confutative material, tһe programme bequeath read tһe situation gens.

Make Money online – Do Paid Surveys Really Work?

Many people all over the world wish to earn money online. Some want to do work online as a part time job where others want to quit their day job and want to stay at home and – You are the Influencer only work online.

Nowadays, there are many online money making opportunities available.

I have seen many people who want to make money online via completing online surveys. These people search the internet to find any site offering such work. Mostly, they find a site which is nothing but a scam. Yeah right; most of the sites offering paid surveys are nothing but scams.

This does not mean that there are no legitimate online paid surveys available. There is a small percentage of legitimate sites where you can actually earn some money via paid surveys.

But I suggest you don’t do such work on the internet. It is because; the pay for completing online surveys is extremely low. And most importantly, – You are the Influencer you will have to pay some fee first in order to get these surveys.

If you search for paid surveys in search engines, you will find many sites offering such service. First of all, how you will know that which site is a scam and – You are the Influencer which is not? That is the first problem. All sites demand a fee before you can start earning via completing surveys.

Secondly, even if you find a legitimate one, the pay is very low. Before you pay them the fee, – You are the Influencer you will see banners on their sites with things like “Earn $250 per day via simply completing online surveys” etc. But in reality, the most that you can make is some thing less than $1 per hour.

Actually the $250/day thing is not incorrect. That is, you can make that much from these surveys, – You are the Influencer if you work like a robot. The money that you earn depends on the work you complete. So they can offer work that will make $250 but the problem is that, who in the world is going to complete it?

I think if more than 100 normal human beings work together to complete these surveys, may be than you can make something close to a $250 per day. I suggest – You are the Influencer don’t waste your valuable time in such things. Instead of this work, I suggest you do some data entry job at freelancing sites.

6 things to know about cash-back credit cards

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Getty Images The biggest reward of cash-back credit cards is that you get money for using a credit card as you already would. Cash-back cards are a good idea if:

You want to start earning rewards with a simple, easy credit card.

You want to earn cash back for spending you would make anyway.

You can maximize your rewards by targeting your spending in specific areas.

Not all credit cards are right for everyone. As you peruse cash-back credit cards, make sure you understand how they function and if they’re the right choice for you.

Now playing: Watch this: The ins and outs of the Apple Card 1:05 1. No annual fees

Most cash-back cards, including those from Bank of America and Chase, don’t charge annual fees for – You are the Influencer use. As introductory cash-back cards go, they’re a great way to learn how they work and take advantage of benefits without shelling out a fee for use. If you’re new to credit cards or at least cash-back cards, this is a big benefit. You’ll be able to manage your credit and earn some money while you’re at it.

If you have a cash-back credit card that charges an annual fee, weigh the cost with your rewards. If you pay more in annual fees than what you earn in cash-back rewards, a cash-back card with an annual fee might not be worth it. But if you earn more with your card that has an annual fee versus one that doesn’t, you may want to keep it in rotation.

2. ‘Cash back’ is different based on the card you use

The term cash back can come in many different forms, including:

Actual cash back. This is a deposit straight into your bank account consisting of the cash you earned from using your credit card.

Statement credit. You’ll save a little money off what you owe on your credit card. It’s not a direct cash deposit, but it alleviates how much you owe on your bill. 

Gift cards. Redeem your cash-back earnings for gift cards to various restaurants and retailers, sometimes for a discount off what you would pay for the gift cards elsewhere.

Travel points. Certain credit cards will allow you to transfer your cash back to travel points to redeem on flights and hotels.

Before you sign up for a cash-back credit card, make sure the redemption options are in line with your needs. If you want actual cash versus a statement credit, review the details to see if the card you’re looking at offers this benefit.

3. You still pay interest

Many credit cards have introductory bonuses and interest-free promotions that might eliminate interest for a certain period of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s forever.

Having a cash-back card still means you should use it responsibly. Avoid spending more than what you can afford and – You are the Influencer pay off your balance in full every month. If you don’t pay off your balance every month, you could get hit with hefty interest charges. At that point, your interest charges might outweigh your cash-back rewards.

4. Cash back cap

While many cards don’t limit how much you can earn in cash-back rewards, – You are the Influencer some do. For high spenders, – You are the Influencer this might not be ideal. If you have an earnings cap, that means you can’t maximize the rewards you could earn. 

The Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express lets you earn 3% cash back at grocery stores but limits that to up to $6,000 a year in purchases. If you spend more than that, you’ll still earn some cash back, but instead of 3%, it’s 1%.

5. Travel rewards are separate

Some credit cards, like the Chase Freedom Credit Card, offer travel redemption on cash-back rewards. But not all cards offer this perk. For those who stay close to home, this isn’t a bad thing since you aren’t using travel rewards often, if at all. But if you’re a frequent traveler, you may want to look at travel-specific credit cards that offer rewards around what works best for your lifestyle.

6. But other shopping perks exist

The vast majority of credit cards offer larger cash-back rewards through a variety of different shopping ventures, including:


Grocery stores


Wholesale clubs

Online streaming services


Within specific categories, you might have a card that offers bonus rewards that rotate each quarter. For example, you might earn 5% cash back at restaurants this quarter, rather than your standard 2% or 3%. And remember, each time you swipe, you’re likely to earn at least 1% on everything else.

Also keep in mind that there are hidden credit card perks you could take advantage of, depending on the card you choose. You could expect enhanced cash back – You are the Influencer– even up to 8% — on certain purchases you make with specific cards.

туры в египет из алматы

\u0422\u0443\u0440\u044b \u0432 \u0415\u0433\u0438\u043f\u0435\u0442 \u0438\u0437 \u041c\u043e\u0433\u0438\u043b\u0435\u0432\u0430 | \u042d\u043b\u0435\u043d\u0430-\u0442\u0443\u0440. \u0422\u0443\u0440\u0430\u0433\u0435\u043d\u0442\u0441\u0442\u0432\u043eМечты об интересном и комфортном отдыхе периодически возникают, наверное, у каждого человека. Ведь что может быть лучше хорошего отдыха? Сейчас просто огромное предложений от всевозможных компаний с путешествием по всему миру.

Сказочная страна

На данный моментодним из самых популярных направлений для путешествия у Россиян считается отдых в Египте.

Именно Египет стал колыбелью возникновения одной из поразительнейших и загадочных цивилизаций, когда – либо существовавших на земле. Она оставила после себя многочисленные археологические и архитектурные памятники – пирамиды, которые до сих пор поражают воображение всех, кто побывал в этой стране.

Но пирамиды – не единственное, на что можно посмотреть в Египте. Есть еще загадочный Сфинкс, устремивший свой взгляд в неизвестность, а также скульптуры Долины Царей, храмы Карнака, поражающие своим величием. Ну и конечно же, на особом месте находится неповторимая аура здешних мест, в которую окунается приезжий.

В Египет можно ехать в любое время года, там круглы год приемлимо жаркая температура, вот ряд достопримечательностей:

1.Чистейшее Красное море. Действительно, оно по праву считается одним из самых чистых на планете. Прозрачность его вод такова, что можно разглядеть мельчайшие объекты на глубине 80 (!) метров. Вода в море очень теплая, ее температура достигает + 27°С и даже выше.

2.Египетский отдых могут позволить себе даже те, чьи доходы находятся на среднем уровне. За небольшие деньги в местных отелях предоставляются очень неплохие условия и сервис.

3.Огромное количество самых разнообразных экскурсий в шаговой доступности.

4.Температурный режим круглый год позволяет купаться в море.

5.Огромный ассртимент самыз разнообразных развлечений.

6.Возможность посетить настоящие восточные базары и окунуться в непередаваемую атмосферу быта местного населения.

7.Простота оформления документов на въезд в страну.

Побывав там однажды, вам непременно захочется вернуться туда вновь.

Безопасность и простота

Для тех, кто загорелся идеей понежиться под ласковым солнышком и отлично отдохнуть в Египте в зимний период, необходимо срочно обратиться в мастерскую путешествий “Люксор Тур”, которая предлагает наиболее выгодные и комфортные горящие туры в Египет из Алматы туры в египет из алматы под любой бюджет.

“Люксор Тур” работает в сфере предоставления туристических услуг с 2008 года, зарекомендовав себя за этот период как авторитетная, надежная и высокопрофессиональная компания, предоставляющая своим клиентам самый широкий спектр различных вариантов отличного отдыха.

Эта турфирма зарекомендовала себя с положительной стороны благодаря качественному проведению торов Алма ата Египет. Кроме этого, предоставляется услуга по индивидуальному подбору тура. Для этого необходимо оставить заявку на сайте с указанием данных желаемого путешествия.

Для всех желающих разработан календарь низких цен, где можно ознакомиться со стоимостью горящих туров в Египет на несколько месяцев вперед с различными вариантами размещения на курортах Шарм – эль – Шейха и другими выгодными предложениями.

Спешите организовать свой отдых с компанией “Люксор Тур”!

Ways to Outweigh The Games

I hate going to the casino getting to worry about finding a parking spot, having to wait for a posture on a texas holdem table, or live blackjack nyc dealer roulette usa – – table. I’d much rather be on my computer, known to gamble whenever I feel like it, with delays, or any aggrevations.

Contact the casino. Email their customer support with a query or hindrance. Good casinos answer back within 24 hours and will bend over backwards resolve your hindrance.

You have to have be conversant with reliable websites that in order to to play for liberate. Beginners can also utilize internet websites in learning the basics and the basics. They will simply have to go online the website and that’s begin betting. Then, they can try and check out other extreme live blackjack games once they become well-versed in the first game.

Everyone is susceptible to this bad beats, whether a person playing on line poker or tend to be one the hands down who enjoys going in order to some real casino to play, you do not have excuse but to using it.

Other types of bonuses for new customers potential able called premium in cash. This is where you can collect a certain quantity once you’ve met a collection limit. Some newton casino bet malaysia s offer May 100% match bonus after you meet their conditions for say $ 1,000. Before starting with any particular newton casino bet malaysia you want to be particular to do a little research. You want to substantiate any comments that could have been done on the casino to find out if they get good reviews in set. You also want to run away from those which do not offer just about any bonus.

Set your own short period of time to vent your frustration,if you are playing online poker, give yourself a minute to shout at the screen, wave your arms or whatever you believe permit anyone give merely relief on there. This is not advisable if you are playing in an active poker room,as you are going to kicked out right for the nearest get out. Instead, just push your chair back from the table, sit out help or two, get a glass or two from the bar and just chill. Then try arrive back for the table and re-focus.

Raise with all the position prior to the button is a tactic functions well. When you do this, you accomplish several things at once. To get whoever in the button position to fold is the first objective of the particular poker package. Because if human being in that position fold, then the now of the button, you will definitely get to act last. It makes you more credible, which isn’t the second thing this poker technique is about. A person raise from the button, the very last thing the players often wonder if possess really have a strong give. While if you raise a middle position the opposite of the usb ports occurs, frequently automatically believe you possess a strong little finger. Setting up a bluff for the next betting round is the third thing you perform.