Effective News Release

As you prepare a news release imagine yourself as the headline writer of your local newspaper.  What would the headline be for your news release?   Remember, you are appealing to a broad base of your community.   What is it about your news release that should make it interesting or important to the general public?   Once you have the answer, make THAT your headline.

The first 2 sentences of your news release are the most important, because most assignment editors at newspapers and television stations will stop reading your release and toss it in the discard pile if you haven’t grabbed their attention by the end of the second sentence.  Remember, it’s not what’s important to you, it’s what important to the public.

You don’t want your news release to sound too commercial or self-serving; remember, it’s not about you; it’s about the public, your potential clients, customers, viewers or readers and how you can be of service to them.  For example, if you are a manufacturer and you’ve just invented a new roofing material that provides added insulation to homes and businesses and your goal is to market it to your community, what should your headline say?   Here’s a hint:  your prospective customers will be interested in anything you can do you that saves them money or time or makes them more comfortable.  Now figure out a way you can make those points within the first two sentences and you are well on your make toward creating an effective news release.