Host a Class

We Bring the Training to Your Location

2 Options

Option 1:  “Host” a Seminar
“Host” receives free training for up to 6 employees

We handle the registrations and invoicing.  The host agency gets 2 free slots in exchange for providing a training room and advertising the class to other surrounding agencies.  If the host provides refreshments, a 3rd free slot is provided.

When registrations reach 15 the host agency receives an additional free slot.

When registrations reach 20 the host agency receives an additional free slot.

When registrations reach 25 the host agency receives an additional free slot for a total of up to 6 free slots.

 We pay our own hotel/travel related expenses.  Your agency pays nothing.  The host agency must assist in actively recruiting a minimum of 10 paid attendees before the class can be held.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Advertising and promoting the seminar via mailings, faxes, emails, teletypes, notices, postings.
  • Providing a facility seating 32 with an LCD projector and podium.
  • Providing refreshments for the class
  • Providing a list of nearby hotels.
Option 2:  “Exclusive Training” – $5,500
With “Exclusive Training”, you pay one fee of $5,500 and you can have up to 30 people attend the class
That’s only $184 per person for 2 days

This option is helpful for agencies that need to train multiple employees from police, fire, emergency management, city and county offices, mayor’s offices, hospitals, administrators and supervisors.

You can use this option to generate revenue, by charging participants from outside agencies.  We will even custom-make your flyer.

*This option is available if we have no other competing classes in the region.

For a flat fee of $5,500 we will come to your location to conduct a class exclusively for your agency.  As the hosting agency you can fill the class with your own employees or offer seats to outside agencies and charge your own admission fees.

Under this arrangement, clients can have up to 30 students participate in the On Camera exercises.  Some agencies use this option to partner with other organizations or sponsors to bring in this unique training opportunity.  This option is cost-effective for agencies that need to generate revenue or train multiple staff members, because the hosting agency keeps all of the fees.  We will also assist in promoting the class by creating an advertising flyer in a PDF format for distribution.

Under this training option, the host agency handles any registrations, invoicing and advertising for the class.  We pay our own hotel, travel and related expenses.

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No matter which option you choose, you will receive the same quality training that we offer to 40 classes a year across the nation.
Each person attending the class is given the opportunity to go before out LIVE TV news camera for simulated news conferences and interviews.  Everyone receives a DVD video and a critique of their performance.  Students are also provided our exclusive training text book, “Media Survival,” authored by our instructor Russell Ruffin.  The book includes helpful tips and reference tools, as well as highlights of the material presented in the class.

rp-on-locations        The Most Experienced Media Relations Trainers in America

Training is conducted by Emmy Award Winning television news veteran and author Russell Ruffin and Telly Award Winning producer Penny Carter.  To keep this training up-to-date, both instructors routinely travel to many of the nation’s major news events, including the San Bernardino terrorist shootings, the Ferguson protests, the RR behind CamBaltimore protests, the South Carolina Officer-involved shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Some of the other breaking news stories they have covered include the Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine High School shootings as well as other school  incidents.  There is no other Media Relations Training class like this one, because no other Media Relations trainers have the hands-on experience of our instructors.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact:  Penny Carter, Training Coordinator  Phone 303-470-0716