Police Need to Utilize Social Media at least as effective as their detractors

Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies across the nation are almost always unfairly vilified in some of the Main Stream Media Outlets during coverage of officer involved shootings. The False Narrative of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” during the 2014 Ferguson, MO protests gave many the impression that an officer had shot and killed (without provocation) an unarmed man. ¬† Although the media later corrected the narrative and acknowledged that “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” never happened, many in the public and media still adhere to that false narrative. ¬†That is precisely why Law Enforcement needs to effectively embrace Social Media to ensure that the facts are accurately reported. When possible, Law Enforcement should uses Social Media to let the public know why and how they react to being pelted by rocks and bottles and other violence.