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On-Location In-Person Training
and Virtual Classrooms Online

Due to COVID19 Restrictions, Virtual Online Classes are being offered, in addition to our On-Site classes.  Select a class from the list at the bottom of this page.

Our Public Safety Media Training Classes have been created for:  Public Information Officers, Command Staff, Trainers, Community Relations Personnel and anyone else who deals with the News Media or Social Media.

This fast-paced, hands-on, interactive training is designed to help you  communicate effectively with the Media and Public, both routinely and during times of crisis.  

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Class Participation: LIVE On-Camera Exercises

Breaking News Simulations will place participants before a LIVE TV News camera for interviews and news conferences.   The instructors and the rest of the class get to act as reporters by asking tough questions.    Participants are given an objective critique, along with a video of their performance.

Topics Covered:
Developing Effective Talking Points
Establishing the Accurate Narrative of an Event

Holding an Effective News Conference/Interview
Keeping  Your  Media Message On Track
News Release Writing and Distribution
Creating and Distribution a Video Press Release

Turning Negative Press into Positive Press
Managing Tricky Questioning
Projecting the Proper Body Language
How to GO LIVE On-Camera in Social Media
Lessons Learned from Real World Events

LIVE  Demonstrations:
Using Your Smartphone to Shoot and Distribute Your Own Video Utilizing Facebook LIVE and other Social Media Platforms

Handling News Conference Interruptions,  Ambush Interviews and Investigative Reporters

The class is conducted by Emmy Award Winning veteran broadcast news reporter and author Russell Ruffin,  who spent a career covering everything from murder trials to Presidential campaigns.   As a journalist, Ruffin was assigned to cover some of the most complex issues and news events and turn them into television news reports that were easily understood by his viewers.

Russell uses that same technique in creating and updating  his Media Relations training classes and seminars.  He travels to the scene of some of America’s top breaking news stories to keep his training the most up-to-date in the country.

Eventzilla and GoDaddy occasionally experiences outages in various parts of the nation.  In the event you do not see a list of classes and dates below, please call us directly by phone to speak to a LIVE person and we will register you manually and provide any information you may need.    Phone: 303-470-0716