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Our Training is conducted by Russell Ruffin, an Emmy Award Winning Television news veteran and author.  Russell has been an on-camera reporter for NBC, Fox News Channel and network affiliates for more than 30 years.  His reports have appeared on CBS, CNN, PBS, A&E, LETN, European Broadcast Union and 22 other networks around the world.   As an author his publications include: Media Matters, an examination and critique of the best and worst media incidents as well as the Media Survival, a textbook for news makers and spokespersons.  Russell has also authored the mystery, adventure novel, The Last Sound Bite, an adventure novel based on his career as a television news reporter.

During the Columbine High School massacre, he produced coverage for America’s Most Wanted. Ruffin also produced the television documentary: Columbine: Surviving the Trauma, which has been used by Police and Victims Assistance programs to cope with violence and other traumatic incidents.

Following the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, Ruffin produced a series of Homeland Security training programs for Law Enforcement. His training programs aired on LETN (Law Enforcement Television Network) to assist officers in identifying and responding to terrorist.

Ruffin also documented police training and response to simulated bio-terrorism attacks on America, which aired on the A&E Network’s American Justice Files.

Early in his broadcasting career, Ruffin initiated Crime Watch and Crime Stoppers programs for local television news.  His programs aired on KCNC TV in Denver, where he coordinated coverage of cold cases with police agencies.

He has conducted Media Relations training for Law Enforcement and other Public Safety Agencies as well as for CEOs and Corporations.

Ruffin’s career began in Nashville, Tennessee at WSMV TV, where he was an on-camera news anchorman and reporter. He also worked as a news anchor and reporter for WMC TV in Memphis and for the NBC owned and operated station in Denver, KCNC TV.

Today his exclusive Media Relations and On-Camera training is certified for continuing Law Enforcement Education credit in every state where accreditation is provided.

Penny Carter, Telly Award Winning Journalists now coaches America's top news makers in the art of Crisis News Management

Penny Carter is a veteran news producer and media relations trainer. She has field-produced for America’s Most Wanted, A&E Network, Law Enforcement TV and Fire and Emergency TV.  After covering the Oklahoma City bombing, she served as a pool reporter for the trial of the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombers.

After covering the Columbine High School shootings, she co-produced the first television documentary about the incident. The program: Columbine: Surviving the Trauma was created to assist First Responders and Victim’s Assistance Units in recognizing and surviving traumatic incidents. She also earned the Telly Award for “Best Documentary”.

Penny has written and produced officer safety and communications programs for the Law Enforcement Training Network and Fire and Emergency TV.

As a co-presenter for the 2-day News Media Training classes she has conducted more than 400 Police Officer Standards and Training approved sessions at police academies, colleges and universities around the country.

Training Topics:

Lessons Learned from 2020 Protests
Creating Effective Talking Points
Setting the Accurate Narrative of a News Event
Keeping Your Media Message On Track
Holding an Effective News Conference/Interview
Creating and Distributing Your Own Sound Bites
News Release Writing and Distribution
Ensuring that Your Message Gets Reported
Becoming More Proactive and Less Reactive
Using Social Media to Your Advantage
Turning Negative Press into Positive Press
Creating a More Positive Public Image
Managing Tricky Questioning
Handling Ambush Interviews and Investigative Reporters
Projecting the Proper Body Language

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Penny Carter or Russell Ruffin
Phone 303-470-0716
email:  info@MediaTips.org