Virtual Classes

Virtual Media Relations Training Classes Online
Each class includes On-Camera  Training Exercises

Media Relations & On-Camera Training  classes are conducted in full compliance with COVID19  Federal Mandates and Recommendations.    
Classes are open to all Law  Enforcement and First Responder personnel from any region of the USA.    Receive our 16 Classroom Hours Certificate of Completion. 

Host a Virtual Classroom Online

Receive free training for up to 4 employees
Virtual Classroom for the Atlanta AreaVirtual Class  conducted for Atlanta Area following  Federal Corona Virus Response Team and CDC Directive

With a Virtual Classroom you do not need to provide a facility, we present the class from our studio, but YOU are the host.

You receive 2 free slots in exchange for hosting and advertising the class to other surrounding agencies.  You don’t even need to provide refreshments, because everyone will be viewing the class remotely from the comfort and safety of their own home or office.

When registrations reach 15, the host agency receives an additional free slot.

When registrations reach 20 the host agency receives one more free slot,  for a total of  4 free slots.

 We handle all of the registrations and invoicing from our end.

Topics Covered:

Establishing the Narrative of an Event
Communicating in Both Social & Mainstream Media
Developing Effective Talking Points
Holding an Effective News Conference/Interview
Keeping Your Media Message On Track
News Release Writing and Distribution
Turning Negative Press into Positive Press
Managing Tricky Questioning
Projecting the Proper Body Language
Lessons Learned from Real World Events
Handling News Conference Interruptions
Ambush Interviews and Investigative Reporters

Virtual Class  Student Participation

Just like an on-location class, students have the opportunity to be placed in the center of breaking   news for mock  interviews and news   conferences.      Students  and instructors act as reporters  by  asking  tough questions

Students are encouraged  to interact  with   each  other   during   discussions about   “best   practices”   in   communicating   via   Social   Media as   well   as   in   the   Mainstream   Media.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Advertising and promoting the class via mailings, faxes, emails, teletypes, notices, postings.
  • We are POST Certified in several states.    If you require POST certification or other State Certification, it is often your responsibility as a Law Enforcement Agency to secure it from your regulatory agency.    We will provide you with a downloadable PDF file with all of the necessary documentation, such as our Course Outline, Lesson Plan, Hourly Breakdown, Objectives, Goals and Bios.

If you would like more information  or if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

How Does a Virtual Classroom Work?
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Created and Taught by Experienced Reporters and Producers

Based On Our Popular In-Person On Location Classes

Penny Carter Instructing HIDTA Class
Media Relations Class conducted at Federal HIDTA Center – Dallas – Ft. Worth

For any questions, please give call
Training Coordinator – Penny Carter
Phone 303-470-0716
Denver, Colorado